If you find that the above infographic applies to you or a loved one you may want to consider visiting an alcohol addiction treatment center.

Alcohol Treatment Programs Available

Help from an alcohol addiction treatment center is available through formal rehab programs. Keep in mind, the treatment that’s right for one person isn’t always right for another. For this reason, there are many types of treatment programs.

man sitting at table drinking alone showing alcoholism in men

Those who enroll in our programs come to our rehab centers each day for the entirety of treatment. Overall, this approach is ideal for people with moderate to severe addictions. Not to mention, our treatment is the most successful because it removes clients from toxic environments. By giving people a comfortable and safe place to focus on healing entirely, many people reach lasting recovery.

However, in outpatient programs, clients don’t stay at rehab facilities. Instead, they continue living at home and visit the facility for treatment once or twice a week. The number of days they spend there depends on individual needs. However, rehab staff can plan sessions around a client’s schedule so they can still go to work or school.

Although people can initially enroll in outpatient care, most rehab centers prefer this program as step-down treatment. Consequently, outpatient clients are at risk for relapse because they can still access places where they previously abused drugs. However, a combination of these programs creates the ultimate recovery plan.


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